Sweat Test Question

I listening to a very interesting podcast on Sweating & Hydration on Flow Cycling and have decided to do a test on my trainer to see how much I sweat. Quick question - Fans On or Off? Thanks

These tests tend to be very condition specific. A degree or two difference in temperature will be the difference between me barely sweating and me looking like I’ve just been swimming, even for the same physical effort. The amount a person sweats is rarely a linear relationship with temperature, effort and humidity - different people will have tipping points. I would therefore do the test in the conditions in which you are going to be training, and for which you really want the information. If you want the information to guide how much you should hydrate on indoor sessions, then replicate the likely conditions of those indoor sessions while you perform the test (so, one would assume, fan on).

Thanks. I may try a few tests in different conditions to see what the differences are for me. I’m retired so Ive nothing better to do!

Understanding how you react to different sorts of conditions is actually really useful. It’s likely that your riding won’t always be in the same conditions (certainly outside) and having a good idea of how your body reacts to these differences will put you in the best position to get the best out of yourself