Facility to search for older version of workouts (in this instance ramp tests)


I seem to remember (but may be mistaken) on old TR software versions the ability to easily search and view old versions of the same ride (so you can compare performances).

I have just done a ramp test and want to view my old versions but cant remember when I did them. Is there this facility?

Thanks for any help, and keep up the good work!


  1. Go to the TR website.
  2. Click on Career.
  3. Click on Past Rides
  4. Use the Search box to enter your ride name or other search term.

brilliant, thanks!!

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Another was is to go to the workout page and scroll to the bottom. You can see all of your previous efforts there.


last query Chad? In the NP column, I assume that is my normalised power for the interval. In the next column there 2 figures. what are they (see attached picture)? Actual average power and target power?

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Correct. They show the following for the particular interval:

  • Average Power / Target Power

thanks Chad!

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