Fabric Scoop Race Flat Saddle real vs advertised weight

Hello. So I just bought a Fabric Scoop Race Flat Saddle (titanium rails) that was advertised as an OEM saddle weighing 257 grams. The Fabric website as well as other retailers lists the saddle weight as 238 grams. The saddle I received weighed 255 grams or 17 grams heavier than advertised. Different reviews of different Fabric saddles weighed about as advertised or 17-19 grams heavier (found in two reviews). The chro-mo version of this saddle weighs 244 grams. My weightweenieism is curious. 17 grams is not much, but is this weight discrepancy between actual and advertised “normal?” Thanks in advance for your thoughts (knowing there are more important ponderings in the world).

I think I answered my own question…based on a n = 3, it seems like Fabric Scoop saddles can vary in weight up to 19 grams. I do have to say, so far the Scoop Flat Saddle (on the gravel bike) feels great in comparison to the Specialized Toupe that I normally ride (on the road bike).