Extra Ramp-test

Hi there,

I’m primarily a gravity racer (mostly enduro) and am new to Trainerroad. One of my biggest weaknesses is longer stages, where eventually I peg out and start riding like a hack. I also struggle/lose time on pretty much all climbs that are thrown into stages. So with that in mind I’m tackling the aerobic base fitness hard this year, however, I am coming off a very serious injury. In December I had a high-speed OTB and broke my wrist, 5 ribs, T4 and T4, along with rupturing/lacerating my adrenal gland and liver. I was given the greenlight about 4 weeks ago to use an actual trainer 2x/wk, and a recumbent trainer as much as I want.

With that in mind I signed-up and promptly did the ramp test, yielding an FTP of 265 W. In November I tested (20 min test) @ 285 W, so a significant decrease but about what I expected after being on the couch on painkillers for 6 weeks. It’s been about 3 weeks and I’m already feeling much fitter. Today I did Bluebell and decided to go all out on my very list minute, I held 408W just to see how it would feel. During my ramp test I failed @ 365W. My question, is should I retest now that I have some rebuild miles/time under my belt for a more representative FTP? VO2 workouts so far have seemed pretty easy, threshold difficult but doable, and sweetspot fairly easy, but difficult at the end, so about where I should be. I realize that 408 W after a rest period is different then doing that after multiple ramps/steps.

I should also note I’m spreading Base Phase II (low volume) out over a longer time period since I’m restricted to doing real work 2x/wk.

You can always retest if you think you have gained enough fitness to matter.

Or you can simply nudge your FTP up manually and evaluate how the following workouts feel (in relation to how they are supposed to feel).

If you have test in the near future, I would just bump the FTP a bit and see how it goes. Then test on schedule.

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