DTC providers in the US (Direct To Consumer)

Other than Canyon that has warehouses in the US. Are there any other? I’d like to get a DTC bike but don’t want to have to deal with shipping to and from outside of the US if I do happen to run into problems.

Are you looking for road or mountain bikes? I believe YT is a DTC out of the US but they only have MTBs as far as I know.

I don’t know if these all have warehouses in the US. Some are hand built in US, so would assume US. For others, if the shipping policy is US only, would assume US.

Lots of MTBs (I mostly follow MTB), some road:

BikesDirect, DiamondBack, Evil, Whyte, State Bicycle, Intense, RSD Bikes, Ocoee, Eminent Cycles, Alchemy, Guerrilla Gravity, Thesis bikes. Canfield is restructuring, they had/have some problems.

Some more eclectic brands like Crust bikes, they do mostly frame sets, but can put together a build.

My apologies. Road bike

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I believe Fezzari is DTC in the States. They carry, Road, Gravel and Mountain Bike.



Of those, for Road.

BikesDirect, Diamondback, State Bicycle, Ocoee, Alchemy bikes, Thesis bikes…and oddballs like Crust, BlackMountain cycles (think it’s currently frame only due to Covid-19), and a few other small steel (handmade or otherwise) manufacturers that I can list if that’s what you’re interested in.

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I just got a closeout mtb from Viathon. The whole process was very easy and minimal assembly was required (mount handlebar, drop in seat post). If you’re going DTC their closeouts are a solid way to save cash for n+1. They also have a 90 day trial which is a pretty easy way to see if you like it. The bike shipped out of CA if I remember, definitely in the US and shipping was quick and free.

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How the bike? I was debating getting an hardtail MTB but they sold out on close outs In my size

Bike is great for me. I got the lowest spec GX, but compared to a totally rigid entry level cdale from the early 90’s its night and day. Some reviews described it as a bit too race oriented / traditional XC though I honestly don’t know the difference and with pretty casual mtb it is a much better deal than I could have gotten elsewhere. So while not the same as a bike fit and prepped by a local shop this fit my needs, my alternative based on my budget was going to be eBay and this gives me much more comfort that I’ve got something new.

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The American Bicycle Group is direct to consumer and have Quintana Roo Road bikes or you could get a Litespeed Ti or an Ocoee Gravel Bike