Experience with intermittent fasting + ketones?

Hello guys,

Ive been reading up on other intermittent fasting threads, however i cant exactly find what im looking for.

I usually struggle to lose weight eventough my bodyfast is around 18% atm. Im about 180cm and 79.5 kilos. Howevery since i started with intermittent fasting i’ve finally been able to lose alittle - but the question i have is: how will it effect my power output over time? Does anyone been in my position and achieved to lose weight while maintaining or gaining power in the bike aswell?

At the moment im taking some ketone supply in the morning while fasting until mid day. It works ok it seems, and i dont struggle to keep my mounth shut and atm not overeating when my window is open.

It would be epic, if someone been in my shoes and experienced first hand a succesful IF diet, while gaining on the bike.

Let me hear from all of you guys.


I’ve been doing one meal a day for years. I don’t think it has hindered my power gains. I do eat on the bike, though.

I don’t do it for the ketosis, etc I just do it because I like to eat big meals, so I can’t help you with that.

I’ve experimented with all types of deficits and over eating and I have found that my power goes down when I get outside of -600 to +600 from my maintenance calories. For what that’s worth.

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