Everesting World Record with Keegan Swenson – Successful Athletes Podcast 001

Yes. This was a pleasant surprise to find the show in my feed!

But those faster times at altitude are due to lower air density at altitude, and thus less body/bike friction through the thinner air…I believe.

He’s climbing at what, 8mph? Not that much air friction. Descending at 55-60mph for 2 minutes a pop isn’t going to yield much time savings either in thinner air. I have a feeling the added aerobic capacity/power ability at lower altitude may have a pretty significant impact on the total time.

It was a fun podcast to listen to. Absolutely nuts his FTP is 370 at 140lbs.

That was kind of my point. I don’t think you’d perform better at altitude in an endurance event, you can however move faster through the air. I agree with what you are saying, that’s why I made the point about track cyclists traveling in excess of 60km/h. Apologies if I wasn’t clear.

Gotcha, on the same page.

I imagine he’d be able to hold 290 instead of 280 {or 300 instead of 290) starting at sea level instead of 6k, and that would lead to a climb that’s roughly 3% faster per lap, no?

@iamholland As big as a plate and as much as I could possibly eat without getting sick. :joy:


Hey Keegels! Welcome to the TR forum! Wow! Great effort, amazing!

Agreed in theory. Though I don’t know the specifics.

IF 0.71 doesn’t actually seem outrageously high, even for an 8 hour effort. He broke the world record because his FTP W/kg is outrageously high, he descends like a demon, and he obviously has outstanding ability to focus, plus he chose a great bit of road. But if another pro with similar W/kg finds the right bit of road then I think there’s a bit to be sliced off this record yet by pushing up the IF.

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This is the bit I’m most excited about. I think there will be some added interest in this challenge due to the recent profile raising by Phil and Keegan. Can’t wait to see which other world class athletes decide to have a stab at the record. :grin: :grin:

Hey all,

I forgot to add a link to this spreadsheet. Please know I am no spreadsheet wizard and it doesn’t comb a GPS file. Just enter distance and elevation gain for the segment, and you’ll have some basic info for comparing one segment to another.