Erg mode for short and sharp intervals

Just think though, when that resistance changes you’re jamming on the pedals, the trainer can only see what it is doing, not exactly what you’re doing, so even during that ramp up, I bet if you had a proper power meter you’d see much more accurate and closer figures than that of the trainer. :thinking:

Not sure. For reference, here is a workout with jumps:

TrainerRoad with power data from my H2:

Strava with power data from my P1 pedals:

I am seeing very similar profiles when looking at the finer details of the jumps.

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Are you using power match or are the trainer and pedals completely separate?

No, I am not using PowerMatch.

My seat of the pants comparison show the differences to be in single digit watts, so I don’t bother to pair both in TR.

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Sure do. Have you tried importing the Strava data into TR so the graphs are same? TR graphs are better for looking at second-by-second data like that.

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Suppose it could depend on the interval % jump and the type/make/model of trainer.

I just had a look at my workout this morning (Taylor -2) and while it shows at the time approx 6 seconds to ramp up to power, the after data actually only shows 3 :thinking:

I haven’t bothered, but probably could/should. I may try DCR’s tool.

I am trying to get both into TR and having no luck for some reason. The check box fills out and I don’t get an error. But after refreshing, there is no new ride in my list.

Might be a duplication issue?

that would be my guess, and I’d file a ticket. I’ve seen Strava take multiple rides, say one recorded on Garmin and one recorded using Strava mobile app. But that sometimes fails too, as a duplicate.

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Maybe im off topic, but I thought TR advises to use resistance mode during very short intervals

–> 2. Sprint intervals - ERG trainers perform a brief ramp up to an interval’s target power. For longer, less-intense intervals, this ramp-up is hardly noticeable. However, this ramp is more pronounced for short, high-intensity intervals. If an interval is between five and 20 seconds, riders may want to consider riding in Standard/Resistance mode to avoid any lag time in reaching their target watts.

They may advise that, but I have great results with ERG even down to 5 sec sprints.

I use ERG for ALL of my workouts.
(CycleOps Hammer & H2, Wahoo Kickr17, CycleOps PowerBeam Pro, CycleOps Magnus)


I’m also happy with Erg down to 5 seconds. Using a 2017 Kickr wheel-off / direct-drive.


:+1: perfect, that’s good to know

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I did Taylor -2 and had about a 15-second ramp up on the 30-second intervals. Unfortunately on the back side of the intervals the power seemed to get dialed down a little quicker so the workout didn’t seem to be as difficult as it was meant to be.

This was on a Cycleops Powersync (bluetooth) on an Android phone.

Anyone else using this trainer have any suggestions on how to deal with it?

Sort of a gratuitous bump here, but I do have more data to add: Clark today. Tried the 2nd and 3rd intervals in ERG mode but had to bring cadence up to the 150-170 range to get my power high enough for the “stomps”-- seemed counter to the purpose of them so switched back to standard mode.

Smoothing is set to 0 in Android. Bluetooth on Cycleops Powersync. Anyone else doing these sorts of workouts successfully in ERG mode on these older Cycleops trainers (Powerbeam/Powersync)?

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