Epic workout - your thoughts?

hello everyone,

couldn’t find a workout like this 3x(or4x) 20min with 90(4min)/110%(1min) over and unders every 5min. In the trainerroad library, so I created myself, but honestly I would prefer to have mr. Chad version if it exists:)

little help? thanks a lot!! :slight_smile:

in general your thoughts on this workout?


Way too long recovery parts :slight_smile: I am doing this type of workout on regular basis in different configurations of interval time (12 to 30 min) and also as part of longer z2 rides. If I could suggest something from a purely mental side - starting with higher effort and ending with lower is a little bit more pleasant. After some time upping the efforts to something like 120% is also nice - it is like hard attacking during road race. I do not know what are your over efforts - I have started with 15s but then moved to 30s - as this type of workouts were always my weakness but now I love them.

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Jarsson thank for your opinion. the overs are 1min long and exactly like you said, its quite mentaly tough, which I like:) since the brain really wants to stop but the legs can still do it.

anyway 90/120 would be quite a killer in this workout, maybe one day:))

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Leconte, Apple Orchard, Bear, Bradley, Cadillac, Deerhorn, … I got tired of scrolling.

Those are totally different workouts. He’s looking for sweet spot with mini sprints / efforts. Not true over unders or 150% sprints

Closest one would be needham. But I really do not understand how workout done by coach Chad would be a lot better than a workout you have prepared yourself :wink:

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thanks! I like to read the coach instructions. Time passes by faster.

When you’re getting deep into the workout catalogue you won’t always get coach text. Just chuck on some race tape from Norcal Cycling or TR YouTube.

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Two suggestions: (1) go a bit harder on your warmup, meaning rather than just stopping at 75% and a one minute bump to 110, lengthen the steps, and make it go up to 90% for 2 min with a 30 sec step up to 110%; (2) reduce those recoveries down to 3-5 min. Otherwise this looks good to me.

I’ve done similar profile work outs but never as long. A quick search of threshold workouts shows Carpathian Peak +3 as having 20 min over and under blocks but it’s a bit more pesky rather than square blocks. I only got to ‘C’ though and only searched quickly, you might find something more like what you’re proposing :+1: