Enve downgraded their warranty?

I found a sweet deal on a new Enve G23 gravel wheelset which had me considering an otherwise too rich for my blood product. Went on Enve’s website to see if anything had been updated on the G23 and instead found Enve has downgraded their carbon warranties from no-questions-asked-lifetime to now just 5-years workmanship and 3 years incidental damage with declining discounts after that. :disappointed:

Was this a recent change? I recall Enve making a press release some time ago about standing behind their products and removing any confusion with their lifetime warranty on all carbon components.

I figured Enve had upgraded their warranty to respond to competition from the likes of Santa Cruz Reserve and We Are One who are known for their no b.s. coverage. Hopefully people who bought Enves during their (short?) lifetime warranty period will be covered in the far future.


ENVE brought out a lower grade/lower cost level of wheels didn’t they?

That might be part of it.