ENVE New Bike Upgrade Program (Wheels)

Just got this in an email from ENVE.


If you buy a new bike from an ENVE dealer then you can trade the stock wheels in for a pretty decent discount on new ENVE wheels.

From the link:

  • Get $800 credit for stock carbon upgraded to SES, M Series, G Series wheelset or get $500 credit for stock alloy to upgraded SES, M Series, G Series wheelset

**Get $325 credit for stock alloy upgraded to a Foundation wheelset

• Credits can be applied to Chris King build options at ENVE MSRP


Nice option if buying bike from an Enve dealer.

Yeah, that may limit the bike brands that are available for this program depending on what your local ENVE dealer is.

do you think this works with their online dealers? I’m interested in getting a Santa Cruz tallboy buy want to put Enve m630 on it.

That I don’t know…if the online dealer is also an ENVE dealer then I would imagine it also works there. You would have to contact ENVE or the dealer though.