ENVE Crash Replacement Lead Time

Hi guys,

Enve recently announced their Lifetime Incident Policy covering all products some time mid 2019.

I crashed and broke my Enve aero handlebars V2 a month ago. Since I live in South East Asia and the closest distributor was in Singapore, I decided to claim the item through the dealer. However, its been a month and ENVE has not even gotten back to me with any answer.

Has anyone claimed any hardware through their incident lifetime warranty policy? If so, how long did it take you to get the item that you broke?

It kind of beats the purpose of having such a policy if it takes a couple of months for them to replace something.

I’m in Asia as well, contact ENVE directly, explain to them what’s going and send the receipt. ENVE was very responsive both times I had my wheels replaced. I’m really surprised they have responded if you have contacted them directly. If no response on email, call them.

Did you have to pay for the replacement rims or any shipping fees? How long did it take between the start of your email and actually receiving the replacement rims?

On the website, it says that for “US customers, fill in the form here” hence I was under the impression that claiming via the dealer would be quicker. After a month of no news, I thought it would be best to contact them directly which I just did a few moments ago.

Thank you for your reply btw.

*Just sent an email via their ENVE web support and I got the response below:

Thank you for reaching out to ENVE USA. We noticed that you are reaching out to us from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, or Cambodia. Due do your location we have automatically forwarded your email and the contents therein directly to our Distributor located in your region who will be reaching out to you directly as soon as possible. Please note that if you need to reach out to them with something urgent their contact information is listed below.

URL: https://www.elitecustom.sg/
TEL: +65 (1) 215-732-8973

So yeah, not the most efficient way to get things done quickly I must say.