Shimano's new GRX 870 carbon gravel wheels - Warranty?

I’m looking to buy the Specialized $1500 carbon gravel wheels, as they’re essentially DT350 hubs, lifetime warranty and under 1500 grams. Then Shimano announced the GRX 870 carbon wheels, which are essentially the same price at $1399, and about the same weight. What I cannot find in any of the articles, is the warranty.

1) Does anyone know what Shimano’s GRX carbon wheel warranty is?
2) As a general rule, who provides better/easier/less questions/less red tape warranties, Specialized or Shimano?


Looks like Shimano’s standard warranty is two years and only covers manufacturing defects.

The lifetime warranty on Roval wheels sounds nice in theory, but probably not that useful to be honest, I’d expect most manufacturing issues to pop up within the first year or so, anything beyond that gets into a grey area. It’s their 2 year crash replacement however that would sway me.

Thanks. I’d not realized the details of the Roval warranty. I’d expected it more like Reserve.