Enduro, Limiters, Peaking Too Soon and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 218

@Nate_Pearson Did you mean Amy’s Soups? These seemed like a closer match than Aunt Annie’s that are specified in the table.

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Hi @Tucker - is it possible to add the link to the forum thread of the episode in the youtube below the video in the future? would make switching over easier! thanks


Definitely! Come to think of it, I’m not sure why we hadn’t done this before. We are all about effeciency, after all. :grin:

Thanks for the good idea!


Haven’t got through the entire podcast yet (Vuelta on!), but disappointed to hear that @chad is one of those cruise up to stop lights rather just drive up to the line and stop! Might be more efficient in older cars, but no consideration for those of us with stop-start technology…


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Rolling to the stop has nothing to do with stop/start. It’s about conservation of energy. Driving in hard to a stop means that you burned more fuel than needed rather than coasting. Fast in means more braking, and braking is energy loss via heat dissipation.

Stop/Starts claim to fame is efficiency while NOT moving, nothing more.


Oh shoot, yes you are correct!

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Hey @Nate_Pearson any word on your Popey’s vs Chick-fil-a Chicken Sandwich shootout?

They are out of stock in Reno until October. :cry:


It was also mentioned that valves could also be clogged, so please tell, is there a way to de-clog or are new valves necessary?

Use a valve core remover to pull the valve. Manually wipe the sealant from the valve with your fingers. You can finish with a lint-free rag and alcohol if needed.

Inspect and clean the valve stem if needed. Then reinstall the valve core.

Hummus without soybean oil? The only hummus I can find is called Sabra and it has oil. My local shopkeeper will special order things, I just don’t know what to ask for. Does anyone have a clean option?

Make your own? Though my wife does, she is not able to get the texture as smooth as the commercial stuff.

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We live in a nutrition desert: fast food, discount food, breaded food, fried food, breaded then fried food etc. but definitely not multiple brands of hummus to try out. The grocery store manager is my friend and will try to order things I want. Just didn’t want him to order a case of something gross! Like you said, I may just order some chickpeas et al and make some.

So easy to make your own.
One of about a billion online recipes

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The problem is when the valve cores themselves get clogged with dried sealant. This happens to pretty much all my tubeless valves to some degree.

I’ve been successfully been able to remove the dried sealant from inside the core with a pin, and some WD40. It’s a pain though. At some point, it’s just easier to buy new valve cores.

After extensive testing, I have found two oil-less hummuses (hummi?) that are delicious, easy to find, and good value.

Cava (Spicy)
Trader Joe’s Eggplant Hummus