Endurance ride on the schedule.. ride outside?

I’m not sure it’s going to be possible for me to ride outside at endurance pace for 3 hours when the wind is howling at 25 mph…


It’s totally possible, but you need to plan a route that lets you go really slowly into the wind. You’ll obviously go much further with the wind at your back, so you can’t go out nearly as far.

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soo… like if i had a straight road into the wind… i could ride 2.5 hours into the wind, and 30 minutes endurance with the wind? and the rest just kinda put up a wind sail and recovery pace to get home right?! lol

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A great case to ride by power/HR/RPE (in order of accuracy,) for sure.

I’d say 2:1 against to with. I usually figure about 15 mph increments. 0-15 1:1, 15-30 2:1, 30-45 3:1, more: why are you outside? :sweat_smile: Usually that’s a MTB day then

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I wouldn’t use the mental energy to ride in those conditions. It also can be unsafe depending on location. I’d just ride base for 2 hours in side and live to fight another day.

I did almost 6 hours today with an IF of .65 and a very stiff 18-20 mph wind. It’s doable. Not fun, but doable.

how about your VI? that’s the real trick!

True. It was pretty high due more so to the hills than the wind I feel. (1.23) I could hold a nice steady, albeit, slow pace into the wind, but we had multiple 12-18% grades to manage as well. This ride was “endurance” but also race focused. I’m doing a 150 mile gravel race in 6 weeks and this was a prep ride with an emphasis on figuring out pacing.

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Ha ha yeah… i ended up just sticking with inside… regardless of the wind… outside the Lower temps do
Nothing good… only provide extra challenges to the immune system…