Endurance on long hard rides for time crunched cyclist

Whatever you think. Just watch one thing. It sounds like we both have reasonably strong stomachs, but just be careful trying to take in too many carbs. I know people who have had stomach problems and cramps, (and other effects). The general consensus is that stomachs can take 80-90gm per hour. (I think there are some TR videos on this, but goodness knows where they might be).

All I am saying is don’t swing too far the other way and over compensate. The trick it to find that balance.

Final thought: in my chain gang I found I was not eating readily or regularly, simply because I was concentrating on staying on and there was not a safe or sensible time to unwrap a bar in the group. (“Please someone, have a puncture or need a pee!”). So I cut energy bars in half, left them in the wrapper, but put them in a bento on the top tube so I could get them out easily.

Am envious of your weather. Rain and getting colder over here now…


My solution was to unwrap and put into a plastic ziplock bag, because I don’t have a top tube bag.

Training is training, racing is racing.

The problem - from a training point of view - with some group rides is that they are essentially races, people want to perform their best every week to the detriment of getting faster.

Pacing. Your perceived lack of performance is almost certainly due to pacing. 2h vs 3h group ride isnt huge unless youre gunning from the start. Now your pace is dictated by the fittest people in the group who are going as hard as they can hold. And if youre not one of them, youll get dropped.

It isnt going to be a matter of doing 3h rides on the trainer, its going to be a matter of improving generally in endurance and pacing.

While that is building, take it a touch easier on your group rides.


Going into the wya back machine…many years ago at the Caspar Classic stage race, I tired that with my Powerbars. Figured I would cut them into smaller, bit-sized pieces and just nibble regularly.

Was so hot it melted them all together inside the bag and I was left with just a big hunk.


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yeah I ride outside all summer in 90+ degree heat and what you pack is more important than how you pack it!

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How on earth do you unzip a ziplock one handed? And then take them out?

I am on a TT bike, but even on my road bike, I want a simple one handed safe, no faff, way to pick them up and put in my mouth. Then get back on the bars (and back in an aero position) in a minimum time?

Please don’t do what I did once: wrap the halves in silver foil… especially if you have fillings in your teeth!!! :frowning:

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The last podcast may be eorth listening to as they talked about strong finishes - fuelling and training. Episode 278. I was listening to it today on the trainer and it had a question form a chap who wanted a stronger finish. May be worth a listen to…:thinking:

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So today, with some buddies, I rode 50 miles at ave speed of 21 mph. I rode another 22 miles at easy pace. Total of 72 miles, ave speed of 18.7. Not a hard ride, but not totally easy. Good enough to test nutrition strategy.

Breakfast was a bowl of Cheerios covered in real maple syrup. 250 calories, 75 gr carbs. Cup of black coffee.

Rode 11 miles To the ride start, drinking one bottle with 75 gr carbs, and one banana.

One 75 gr: carb/300 calorie bottle an hour for the just over 2 hours with the guys, plus half a cliff bar. (My cliff bars actually are 41 gr carbs 250 calories each. I was wrong in an earlier post).
Last hour 11 mile easy ride home, 4th bottle loaded with same mix, and one gel (22 gr carbs).

Honestly, I have never felt so fresh after a 72 mile ride and even lit it up hard on the last climb to get home.

Thanks for everyone’s advice. I now know exactly what to carry on my sub 5 century attempt, and I’m pretty confident that I can do it.

I actually think we could go much faster, as with 1-3 minute pulls in a group of 5 riders, I averaged just 150 watts to maintain 21 mph. TR has really helped me to stay low and aero. Other guys in the group averaged nearly 200 watts (mostly riding n the hoods), and I think I pulled as much or more.


That’s awesome and good feedback.

This weekend as it was our anniversary I wasn’t able to head out so did Disaster -2 - which is 2:15 of non stop work. I have done this workout before but this time I fueled better - what a difference towards the end.

So it seems that fueling is definitely a big part as you have found out - everyday’s a school day. :slight_smile:

I’ll be looking into this more for a 157mile “gravel” ride I’ve got coming up next year :slight_smile:

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157 miles on gravel. Wow!

well it kinda is kinds isn’t - bit of a mixture depending on which bits you choose.
My best riding buddy (who gets me to agree to stupid “adventures”) and I were going to tackle it this year but Covid put paid to it.

Its this - https://www.visitnorthumberland.com/news/2019/07/the-reivers-cycle-routes

so bring on next year… :slight_smile:

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also can’t wait to find out how the TTT goes!..

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Today was supposed to be a “training” ride but we did it! 4:41 ride time, 4:52 elapsed. We stopped twice to swap water bottles at the car. 6 started. Within 10 miles, 3 guys took a wrong turn. We slowed to 20 mph to let them chase back on. Took them about 10 minutes. Then at about the 25 mile mark, one guy dropped. At 75 miles lost another guy. Felt the loss and it got tough. Ended up with a 21.3 mph average. The wind was pretty bad. Lots of head and cross wind. Weighed myself before and after the ride. Identical. Last 7 miles were tough as I had nausea because I did something different and made some sandwiches that didn’t go well. Next time will stick to bananas, gels, and powder. Only burned 2750 calories, but ate over 2000 calories on the bike. Mostly down low in drops or pseudo TT position. 166 ave watts, 186 NP. I’m 150 pounds. 5’11”. My TT buddy who is same size as me on an aero TT bike only did 150 watt average.

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Haha, are you sure your mates aren’t just goading you into using up your legs early in ride for a bit of fun? I’m similarly time crunched and ride less miles than my friends but more trained ( thanks to TR) than most. On 1-2 hr rides with them, I have tons of margin to waste energy. On long rides or with the hitters on Tuesday night worlds, I have to tighten up my efficiency game, don’t waste a watt in the wind unless it’s my turn to pull or move to a safer wheel, etc.

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5 kids and you still find 8-9 hours a week to ride?!?!? That’s just flat out impressive.

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Thanks Alex. On Tuesdays, I bring my bike to work and ride for an hour at lunch. There is a crit track 10 min ride away (perfect for the warmup and cooldown). Same thing Wednesdays (but for 1.5 hours) and Thursdays (1 hr).

I eat on the bike, which is good practice anyhow for time trials and group rides.

Then, I do a 3-4 hour ride Saturday morning early usually with some buddies, often times solo, back by 10 am and again on Sunday morning, but Sunday morning is usually Z2 or Tempo.

Sometimes if work is busy, I do the 1 hr ride at night on my rollers (used to have a kickr). Sometimes on Sundays, I’ll wake up at 5 am and do a 5 or 6 hr ride.

My wife is great - what can I say! Wouldn’t trade her for the world…

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