Enduco App - any experiences?

Hi all,
I was wondering if some of you have heard of or even tried “enduco”. Here’s the link: Der leistungsstärkste KI Coach im Ausdauersport in einer App.

At first glance it looks more or less to be “inspired” by TR and AT. Any experiences?


I would be interested to hear if someone has experience with Enduco app vs TR??

i installed it yesterday and looked arround, looks nice, interesting and understandable, it is a german App, but my historical Garmin Import don’t work and support don’t answer since arround 24 hours

The historical data is necessary to create a Plan, so i am still waiting, it look like you can do Duathlon like Training AI based!

I’ve been testing it for a while now, what I like, it has AI not only for bike but also for running, every day you can ask a virtual coach (a bot) who will adapt your training whether you’re want running or cycling, athletic training is also included and a Komoot like Route Creator.

You can sent workouts to Garmin and/or TrainingPeaks, via Training Peaks you have the option to send the Training to TR, Zwift, Whoosh and so on.

In Austria we say “Eierlegende Wollmilchsau”!

i will continue to train with this App the next year and my TR subscription is canceled, because this AI is better for me!

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Enduco VS TR Workouts for the next 2 days:

Just installed it and I’m giving it a whirl. The plan itself looks pretty good - how long did it take for the app to sync to TP? Yes, I’m extremely impatient with all things tech-related.

TP and Garmin sync as soon as you press the button

Hm, I connected TP and Strava through the app. It pulled the Strava history data in immediately, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything with TrainingPeaks. Enduco and TP both show them as connected, so maybe the job just hasn’t run yet? Feels a little off, though.

Go to the calendar where you see your workout,
There you can push it to Garmin or TP

I think you can only push workout by workout and not the whole plan because it will changed by AI day by day

Ah, that makes sense. I was able to push two days of workouts successfully to TP, so looking forward to playing around with it.

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the training control in the Enduco app is amazing, all Garmin metrics (training load, recovery time advisor, etc.) work better than ever, my Garmin HRV values ​​and even my sleep log are perfect.
I have never reached such a state with any other training plan, plans from TrainingPeaks or TrainerRoad are likely to be too static and Enduco does the very dynamic absorptive on the AI

same here after switching to FasCat off-the-shelf plans almost 3 years ago… does Enduco give you a lot of endurance workouts?

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yes, i am in the Prep Phase, but it is really a good mix of endurance workouts like time pyramids, so you have a second target to your power target with cadences (the second target cadence works perfect in Zwift), VLAmax, Tempo work and of course vo2max one time a week.

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