Ending training plan 20 days out from the event (Haute Route 3 days)

Hi all,

I am currently on my training plan (12w SSB + 8w SPB + 8w CRR) for the Haute Route Dolomite 3 days and I’ve just realized that my training plan will end about 3w before the event…what to do until then?

Tks for the help!

Personally, I’d revisit SPB. Maybe cherry pick weeks 5&6 and then taper for the final week.

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This is the type of thing TR made the Plan Builder to address.

Especially if you haven’t finished SSB 1, you should be able to use Plan Builder to basically recreate your plan, but with the extra 3 weeks filled in. Just backdate the plan start so it starts at the same time you started SSB 1.

From what I’ve seen, depending on your experience, it’ll put 3 weeks of SSB 2 in between Build and Spec, or it’ll put 3 weeks of Build in between SSB 1 and SSB 2.

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Tks jpowers…i’m in the 8th week of SSB…will have a go at plan builder when I’m done with SSB. Sounds like the most appropriate thing to do.