Elite Tuo Smart Trainer (In-Depth Review)

My hands are shaking…should i get this for the wife?!

ordered one. because YOLO!

And now it has become mine since my beloved STAC Halcyon decided to die on Saturday…

I have to say, this feels MUCH MUCH better than i expected.
This is definitely not the on wheel dumb trainer i had before…

everything was working right, until the end of the wo.

The non drive arm doesn’t touch the wheel, so the calibration is off.

That was my ride Friday… (sorry i said Saturday).
Notice how the cool down stayed high. The non drive stayed too close to the wheel so I was making more power.

I tried on Saturday, and i notice the arm not getting to the wheel.
I play with it and using the STAC tool I was able to move it but it really is not working as it should…
There was absolutely no indication of this was about to fail.

Trainer has been used about 3-4 times a week for the last 18 months (June 2019)

They will. Although they claim it will not…
I twitted them about it last year and they say it was not the case