DC Rainmaker, Smart Trainer Guide: Winter 2020-2021


Nothing too surprising. I know I’ve been a cheerleader for the STAC Halcyon in the past and I was originally pretty interested in the 4iiii Fliiiight, but I agree with dcrainmaker’s take on it now. It is still working for me at the moment but I’m already starting to think about its replacement when the time comes.


Second paragraph:

Sad but true!


I was actually trying to get my wife an 4iiii, but is out of stock everywhere i looked…

I chanced by the Wahoo site last week and the Kickr was listed as in stock with no delays… have been dragging my feet on updating my '14 for awhile and seeing it available I instantly impulse purchased. Supposed to arrive tomorrow, but now see it out of stock again on the site. I think you have to get lucky as they restock their inventory.


The landscape is pretty much unchanged from last year for the direct drive models. Not really surprising.

I think it won’t be until next year that we see a wave of updates.