Noisy drivetrain

The bottom 3 or 4 gears on my 5800 drivetrain are a lot noisier than the smaller ones, this happens regardless of front ring selected. Cassette and jockey wheels are original and have done ~7000km in 18 months.

There is a new chain on now (3rd from new) and the noise was reduced a bit but still noticeable. Looking at the cassette there’s no shark toothing but I could be wrong.

My turbo wheel is still noisy(not as much though), but that’s the turbo as well so hard to use as a comparison.

Could jockey wheels cause excessive noise but only in certain gears?

Derailleur hanger bent? Limit screws set properly? Chain properly lubed? Cassette on tight?


Not on tight enough would be my first guess

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This is the first thing that came to mind for me

Will bust out the cassette tool and wrench! Just need a dry bit then to test.

Thanks y’all.

Cassette tightness was my first thought as well…

Could also be cable tension, larger sprockets need more tension.

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Is your derailleur B-screw correctly set for the proper distance between upper pulley and cogs?

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7,000 km’s on a cassette is a lot. I’m willing to bet the bottom cogs are noisy because you don’t use them as often. I’d replace the cassette and chain together and I’m confident your noise issues will go away.

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Can’t see that it would have changed, but did have the shop fit a new cable (internal routing is a pain with snapped cable) so would be worth a check.

since they just replaced the chain the opposite problem would be the case if they used them less, its more likely they use them more and in higher torque situations

You’re probably right. With irregular noise in different cogs my first thought is a worn cassette. Given that it’s 7,000 km’s (somewhere around 300 hours) gives validity to the hypothesis. A 105 cassette is cheap to change and eliminate’s that as a villain. Given its use, that cassette doesn’t owe you anything.

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Bonus to night shifts this week, off to get a new cassette tomorrow. Hopefully a 11-30 will fit over the 11-28 I did the chain length for.

Fingers crossed for a silent bike again.

It looks to me like the bottom few gears are the wrong way round.
If they are individual ones with the separate spacer its quite possible, the teeth just look wrong and not aligned.

Look at this pic for how it should look


Yikes! It does look that way.

@firemunki on cogs 3 and 4 can you see the number of teeth printed? Your little one has “11” embossed (at the bottom of the picture)

This is a great catch. I thought the photo looked off when I saw it before but couldn’t work out why. Definitely check this!


Hmm, actually I’m not sure on my own post.
The top of the OP pic looks like the bottom of the shiny new one where the teeth also look odd

God, I missed that too! (I thought I’d done it correctly for my first cassette removal) That’s a shocking oversight from me. Those are the silent gears so going to get a new cassette anyway, but will pay attention fitting new one.

Now to work out if the 20g weight saving is worth a tenner extra for ultegra.

I love how the reverse gears were the quiet ones!

Each individual cog has the tooth count showing.

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