In the market for a new trainer, but not many trainers in the (UK) market still?

I’m eager to upgrade from my current wheel-on trainer to a direct drive type. My Budget’s £400-£650, so something like the Elite Suito. Trouble is, I imagined that trainers would’ve been back on the market now, but I can’t find much out in the wild in that price range. All availability seems to be on higher priced models only (e.g. Elite Direto).

Any suggestions on models currently available and where I can buy? I’m based in London, UK and don’t mind second-hand units, providing they’re not being sold at exorbitant prices due to current supply/demand situation.

Kickr core is available to order from Wahoo for £699. Says 1-2 weeks for delivery

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Thanks. I saw that was out of stock elsewhere, didn’t think about their own site. The other unit that I found that is generally positively rated is the Elite Drivo but is also slightly over budget. I might just have to stretch it then.

For what it’s worth, I have a kickr core and it’s been excellent in the year that I’ve owned it.

I bought an Elite Suito a couple of weeks ago from Lovelo cycle works in Berkhamsted (near Hemel Hempstead, and on a direct train line from London). They had at least one more in when I bought mine, so it may be worth ringing them. They’re closed Mondays, but they are very helpful guys.

Also, I work for Evans Cycles (albeit in Edinburgh) and we had a couple of wahoo units in stock.

Might be worth ringing the London store to ask about their stock since they won’t show up online if the warehouse is out of stock, even though stores still have them in. Might be a quicker alternative than the 1-2 weeks direct from wahoo.

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Thanks. This is the kind’ve thing I was hoping for; smaller shops not too far away that still have items in stock. How are you finding the Suito, and what’s their advertised price?

Initially it was tricky to calibrate but I followed the guidance on here (i.e. ignore the initial ‘stop pedalling’ command and just keep going for 30s) then it was fine. After that, so far so good - no complaints at all.

They were asking £650.

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