Elite Drivo Broken?


I’ve just purchased a used Elite Drivo 1, and when turning on I can see that only the power light comes on.

My understanding is the Bluetooth & Ant+ lights should be coming on at the same time?

If so, does anyone know if there is a fix to this or do I have a fault on the trainer?


I don’t know about the Drivo but with a Suito they flash (Bluetooth & ant+) until they find something then they go solid. You might find a user manual for the Drivo somewhere on the web.

Same with my Direto when I power it on… Get multiple coloured lights until it connects.

^^^ What HLaB said above ^^^ I have Drivo Gen 1.

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Tragic - I was hoping that wasn’t the answer.

Have you tried to see if ANT+ or Bluetooth actually work? Maybe there is something wrong with the lights.

However, I have the same trainer and even after three years everything still works great.

If it doesn’t work at all, I’d contact the person who sold it to you (I hope they didn’t sell a faulty trainer on purpose) and eventually the Elite support, they are very helpful even if it’s not under warranty anymore.

Thanks Matt - Ant+ does work, which has cheered me up a bit, however I was targeting Bluetooth so I could put it on my TV via AppleTV (which doesn’t support Ant+).

To confirm I’m not just missing something with the Bluetooth - do your iOS devices just detect the trainer when searching? My phone isn’t picking it up at all.

@Marley…check this video out @ the 3:30 mark…I think this is what your trainer LED display should look like. That’s similar to what my Direto looks like, too.

Also, this video right at the beginning…