DIY Sauna - Science Podcast #1

After listening to the science of getting faster podcast #1, I am looking into building a DIY Sauna with a garden grow tent, infrared lights, etc. Anyone out there build a DIY Sauna? A pre-built fancy one is not in the budget for me. Any ideas, thoughts, learnings are appreciated.

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My neighbour built a portable ‘sauna’ (if that’s what you want to call it) by using 2" Styrofoam insulation for the roof and walls which are held together with Tuck tape. He initially started with an old deep fryer filled with water but now uses a kettle to produce the steam. He takes in a small stool and watches Netflix on his phone during steam cycles. It’s sized for 1 person so it doesn’t take much to get a get good steam.

I can’t imagine it cost him more than $100 but I guess that would depend on the materials and steam source that you use. He’s been using it for years and travels with it to and from his cottage when he sees fit.

Curious to know what you come up with.