Editing a Plan Builder training plan (sickness, travels): dynamic or not?

Hello, I just want to confirm plan builder is still NOT dynamic?
I was thinking to push a week but then recall the potential issues.
I was also scared to push the week and not be prompted of the repercussions and then screw up my plan.
I don’ t think there is an “undo” feature in the calendar is there?
If not that woudl be a great feature.

I don’t think this was discussed above, but I wonder how it is best to manage the build phase if I need to do a 2 on 1 off cycle (instead of the default 3 on 1 off). In the past I have found 3 build weeks in a row is hard to manage (as I am somewhat new to endurance training and I am almost 46 and I think I may need a bit more recovery than what the default is providing).
I am thinking I will still push the plan forward a week and insert a recover week which will only add 1 week to the standard 8 week build phase.
As I am not at the pointy end (or anywhere close to) of racing/fondos I think I am fine with manually starting my taper for my A race a week early if the plan no longer lines up perfectly or maybe I can delete a week somewhere else along the way so things still do line up and end at my A event.
Any other thoughts or recommendations are welcomed if you have them.

Some pushing works. Last season my dynamic Plan Builder Plan broke. I just accepted that and sorted things out manually. This year the plan seems to be more robust. Perhaps this is because I have no races on my calendar, whereas last year I did. I have pushed my plan quite a bit, and so far it seems to remain dynamic.

I think if you need something custom, you could start with a Plan Builder Plan and modify it. It is easier to start with a lower volume plan. That’s what I did. I started with a mid-volume plan and I have added volume. Hope that helps.

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I’m not sure if PB is fully dynamic at the moment. Certainly it wasn’t around November time when I caught a cold and pushed things back a week - I got a popup stating that continuing would mean I could no longer modify my plan.

If you know you are going to need a 2:1 work:recovery schedule then I’d (virtually) bring your event forward by the relevant number of weeks, let Plan Builder do its thing then manually insert the extra recovery weeks - @mcneese.chad has some instructions posted up somewhere on how to do this and keep all the notes in order. You’d also need to shift the existing recovery weeks since you will get something like: work, work, new recovery, work, existing recovery, work, etc. A bit of a faff but it’s the least worst option at the moment.

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My instructions only really work for manual plans, not Plan Builder. But here they are in case they are helpful.

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I have some minor surgery coming up, about six weeks into my PB plan. i’ll be off about a month. Is there a way to modify my existing plan, or do a delete the plan and let PB figure it out…

BTW, I think you are fantastic on the podcast!

Thanks so much for the kind words, and sorry to hear you’ll have to take so much time off!
It definitely depends upon your goals/upcoming events. Depending upon the extent of your recovery process and where you’re at with your fitness leading into your current plan, it may make the most sense to re-start your plan and reap the benefits of another base block. If you’re planning on racing or have an event in the future you’re still planning on doing, just use the ‘time off’ annotation, and AT will make changes to the workouts that follow your time off while still keeping the work you need to do to prep for your event in time. :sunglasses:


thank you! I found that “add time off” function on the calendar, and will do that, when the timing is finalized.

Hello Ivy,
First of all keep up the great work and establishment of new features in the future. Im trusting trainerroad since 2016 and I’m trusted you from the first moment when I’m joined.

My question:
I’m currently in the fourth week of an customize plan and i have to skip my training this weekend because of private circumstances. If I’m adding time off for these two days, will the future workouts adapted?

Kind regards

When I’ve added a week for sickness then PB/AT has adjusted the plan to take account so I’d say yes it will.


Absolutely! Just use a time off annotation and AT will do the rest and prompt you with some changes for the workouts that follow. The amount of time you take off will dictate how drastic those changes are though.
Thanks for the kind words and for being with us!


Thanks for the answer, will the workout on the day were you’re adding time off automatically deleted?

Yes! The time off annotation will delete whatever workout was assigned in that time period, including same-day. :slight_smile:

What happens to AT and/or plans when you don’t touch the turbo for a month or more at a time? Does AT see all the missed workouts and do anything about it or is there some manual intervention required or should the plan be deleted and a new one created when turbo training resumes?

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