Editing a Plan Builder training plan (sickness, travels): dynamic or not?

The plan is not yet able to push/pull/adjust your training for events added after the initial Plan Builder is completed. Basically, all that would do is remove all your rides on the week of your vacation and replace them with no-TSS races. The same effect could be achieved by simply deleting the scheduled workouts and setting an annotation titled “Vacation.”

And in the past, when you only skip one week, we would recommend just picking up where you left off upon your return, so this is technically only one week different than our past recommendation. Due to the use of -1 versions to Ramp yourself back into training, it is an equally viable way to jump back into your training plan :+1:.

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For one week that works. Unfortunately, I was sick longer than that, and I ended up recreating a new plan from scratch. That took me a bit of time, but ultimately, I think it was the better for me, especially knowing how important the base phase is.

It is also good that you told me that Plan Builder isn’t dynamic yet when it comes to races being added after the fact. When I created my training plan, the 2020 race schedule hadn’t been released yet. So I ended up adding placeholders (I just extrapolated from last year’s events). Even now I added some races provisionally — those are races I want to participate in, but I have to see what my team mates want to do this year, too.

In any case, I know you guys are working hard on dynamically adapting training plans to life.

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I did manage to complete 4 wks of Base Full Tri MV before dissapearing for a family emergency, I’m back from that family emergency trip and basically haven’t ridden much (only about 33% of the usual cycling volume) in last 3 weeks. and about 66% of running volume.

So I guess i should rerun PLan Builder now. I don’t want to redo the first block of Base. How do I ensure that Plan Builder consider that first block I’ve done?

ALso now that we’re in March, is there an ETA on that sickness / travel feature we’re looking for ?
Missing 3 wks might be extreme case that no automation can manage. Still fr Plan BUilder to be useful, I need it to be able to manage a business trip or a week vacation.

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Is there any update on dynamic planning in the plan builder? Also, is the team looking at the ability to add “off weeks” for things like vacations when you initially execute the plan builder? That solution would very beneficial and much easier to program than a dynamic program when something comes up during the planned calendar.

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We are actively working on the ability to add vacations/sickness/time off, as well as the ability to adapt to the female menstrual cycle :+1:.

We still have no ETA at this time, however, quite a bit of progress has been made, and we have developers working towards its release as we speak.


Hej guys, fractured my thumb yesterday while training on some singletrails… I’ll be back on the trainer in some days but i’m pretty sure tgat i can’t hit hard like i would have to in my current plan. Is there a way to get my plan corrected? Regards, Alex

What are your limitations? I’m assuming you have consulted with your physician on whether or not you can train, and if you can, to what degree.

How you should modify training depends on what you are and are not supposed to do. For example, if you can’t hold your handlebars on the trainer with both hands, that’d reduce the power you can output, for example.

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Exactly this is the case, left hand can rest on the bar only, no hoods, no drops, no standing :grimacing: i did a 75min workout today (Leavitt) and riding in that position reduces my output more then expected.

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If I were you for the time being I would just schedule easy endurance rides, nothing that pushes a lot of power (up to 75 % of FTP or so) — provided that your doctor is ok with that.

@Bryce - It’s been seven months since this post you made. Any updates on this? Thanks!

@IvyAudrain ^

Thanks @bbarrera!

We’ve mentioned this in some other threads as well, but this feature is actually in beta right now! We are still working on the final steps of appearance and functionality, but hopefully its in the next updated version of Plan Builder so that athletes can schedule time off, and request that PB is modified around it!


Nice. Thanks for the update. That will be a solid enhancement.

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I used PB to construct my current training plan for an A race in the fall. Looking over the next few months it has me doing a stretch of training spanning 9 weeks with no rest week…does this sounds reasonable?

No rest week or no recovery week? There’s a difference.

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Thanks for the clarification NO recovery week!

Any chance you can post a screen shot or link to your plan (if your account is public) to review?

Interesting. I wonder if that B event is related to the issue?

This might be worth contacting support@trainerroad.com for review. Could be a bug or just a consequence of settings on other side of these week. In general, I wouldn’t expect this layout.


Thanks for taking a look.

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