Eating for SSB HV

Hi, I’m considering going for Sweet Spot Base High Volume and was wondering what & when others who have trained this have eaten for evening and breakfast. For the last two years I did many of the TB MV and SSB MV plans before having breakfast, but I do not see that as being sustainable with HV. Also, are people eating lots of high-value carbs in the evenings?

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Good question, interested as well, just started SSB HV again today, failed last time and I think a big reason was not refueling properly. My current plan is basically just a ton of sweet potatoes until my skin turns orange…

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I’m just in my final few weeks of SSB HV right now and will go into my diet below. One caveat up front - how much you eat depends a lot on your FTP - I burn between ~1800-2000 calories in a two hour SSB workout - your calorie burn will be higher or lower based on your FTP. Adjust serving size and thus calorie counts accordingly!

Also note that I weigh everything and the calories on a day to day basis are very concrete for me, but I’ve given just general approximations below because it varies day to day.

The keys to my approach are that I eat all day and try to distribute the calorie input throughout the day. This is because I’m riding late in the day and don’t want to have a huge amount of calories to digest as I’m trying to wind down and get to sleep. If I were riding in the morning or just not so late in the day I’d be shifting the timing around significantly

Breakfast: non-fat plain greek yogurt mixed with uncooked oatmeal, a little bit of almond milk, and some fresh fruit (mix the night before and let sit so the oats soften) and a small (~250 calorie) bowl of cereal. Total calories around 700

Morning snacks: Fresh fruit - whatever is in season. Typically 1-2 pieces in the morning. Total calories around 250-300

Lunch: Chicken or pork tenderloin, sweet potato, whatever other veggie I’ve cooked and can easily bring to work (often kale or collard greens, but can be beets, green beans, whatever). Total calories around 450-500

Afternoon snacks: Non-fat plain greek yogurt with fresh fruit mixed in, another piece of fresh fruit, bowl of oatmeal with some dried peanut butter powder for flavor. Total calories around 450-500

Ride time: Depends entirely on the workout, but usually a banana and a clif bar for the longer stuff. Total calories around 400

Immediately post-ride - bowl of oatmeal with one scoop of skratch recovery and some Nuts n more caramel mixed in. Total calories 450 (note that I skip or reduce this on easier or shorter days)

Dinner: Salad with chicken or pork. Raw veggies are garnish. Balsamic vinegar as dressing. Sweet potato. 1/3 of a pint of some enlightened ice cream (I have a sweet tooth and this scratches that itch without killing me on calories). Total calories: 500-700

I increase or decrease amounts based on ride intensity and obviously insert variety as necessary but stick to homemade whole foods wherever possible