Easy/endurance rides on the trainer are so uncomfortable

I had a bike fit last December and I am really happy with my position on the bike out on the road and during hard trainer rides. But, when I do the easy/ endurance rides on the trainer (particular recovery weeks), I can barely manage more than 60 minutes, as the position just does not feel comfortable or sustainable.

I believe this is a fairly common problem and was wondering if anyone had any tips to make these rides more comfortable?

Moving around helps me. If I use my XC MTB I can unlock the suspension and those longer rides become a lot more comfortable.
I also tried a couple of foam pads under the legs of the Kickr. It had a similar effect.
Bear in mind I’m an amatuer hack and your mileage may vary.

I’m afraid I don’t really have any tips for you…I think it really comes down to fit.

Previously I had no problems doing easier endurance rides on the trainer. Since putting a new bike on the trainer and messing with seat position abit I get really uncomfortable on the easier parts of the efforts. I’m taking it as I just don’t have the correct setup yet.

Look at the threads on rocker plates! Comfort is what they’re at!

I’m not sure if it’s entirely a fit problem for me but I found it helps quite a lot to prop the front wheel up a few more inches to take weight off the wrists. Standing up more often is encouraged as well.

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I find the same thing, which doesn’t make sense since I do other workouts at that length and longer without any discomfort. I’m going to try making the endurance rides look more like interval rides in terms of my positioning, so e.g. I’ll sit up straight for a few minutes like I do when I hit a rest interval.

I’ve also been swapping the endurance rides in the plan for similar-ish rides with more variety, because the mind-numbing tedium doesn’t really help if I’m already uncomfortable. I drop Pettit for Baxter -2, Collins for Colosseum -1, Brasstown for Baxter or Colosseum, etc., and skip the cadence drills to keep my heart rate down in endurance-zone territory.

It makes perfect sense. This is largely about weight distribution.

  1. In the normal workouts, you are putting out more power. That means more force down onto the pedals. That leads to less force (and more variation of forces) on your seated body because of the “lift” from the higher power (pedaling forcesl.

  2. That all changes in “easy” workouts. You are pedaling much lighter from the lower power demands. That leads to more force (along with less variation) places on your seated body.

Hence the thread I shared that includes all the suggestions to try.

Ha, TRUE. I meant it’s not intuitive: If I can do a hard workout comfortably for an hour, an easy workout for an hour should also be comfortable. The reverse is unexpected, but sensible.

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