Sram Mullet wear and tear?

Howdy, I’m currently pricing out some upgrades to my Crux and along with rotors, new chainring, and bar, wanting to see about swapping the Xplr back end for the Eagle back end. I see some of these casettes and chains have some cool options like rainbow, bronze, black etc… but do they last? IE is it all just going to be silver in 500 miles anyways? It appears you have to pay a premium for these funky finishes, which I don’t mind IF they’ll last.

Got about 1000 miles on a gold 10-52 cassette and the finish hasn’t changed at all. I rotate between three gold waxed chains which also haven’t tarnished.

Can’t speak for drip lubes.


I’ve been running the black cassette for more than 4000 miles, and there’s some silver where the chain contacts, but looking side on it’s still black

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I think the question is how much sand do you have in your soil?