Eagle AXS Download Help

I have just tried to install the new download in my eagle axs derailers, and for both of them, they would only get to about halfway and then disconnect. They still think they are getting a download so they won’t shift at all. I was wondering if anyone here has any idea on how to do a factory reset or fix this issue?

I would first unpair/forget the devices (shifter and derailleur) from your phone app. Then unpair the derailleur from the shifter. Then take the battery out of the derailleur and shifter. Close the app and swipe away to ensure it’s actually closed. Restart your phone. Wait a couple minutes then install the batteries. Make sure your batteries have enough charge (green lights turn on). Turn on your phone, open the app, repair everything and try again. This is essentially a “hard reset” of all devices involved.

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It worked first try, thank you so muchh