Dynamic teams / Forum for training plans

I was thinking it would be neat if TR would group people by training plan and week so that if we wanted to share our experiences/highs/lows with a plan we would have people who were going through exactly the same plan at the same time as we were. It would be fun to see people all share their FTP results on the mid plan test days and could help nudge people along on their plans with a sense of community.

Maybe all it would take would be a single forum thread to accomplish this, especially if it was linked from the calendar or the plan overview/weekly tips (that seem to be more or less unaccessible after calendar).

It’s a good idea, but what about those that jump plans bc their interest changes, life happens, or they decide a different A event? I don’t think it would benefit the community and could potentially create added stress and over-complicate the intention of this forum.