Dylan Johnson's "The Problem with TrainerRoad Training Plans": it's gonna be a busy day around here

My take on this whole post is that there was “an elephant in the room” with regards to the SST, the ramp test protocol and burnout (which the later was my case and the reason that I stopped using TR’s plan)

Having said that, I truly don’t understand the angry users claiming and insulting TR’s team. No one is forcing you to use TR’s approach, there are thousands of alternatives out there.


Sorry to hear you ended up feeling/ being burnt out. I think this can happen to many people in a range of contexts.
I had a coach who was pro and very knowledgeable. I think it was due to his time pressure that he did not fully analyse the sessions he sent me. I messaged him to say I had not had a recovery week in 7 weeks and I was feeling borderline ill. He sent me a neuromuscular power session. I chose to walk away.
One of the things I like about TR is that I have no pressure and no one to answer to. No me really cares whether I follow the plan except me. So I get to be honest with myself. (I love training so it works for me)
My philosophy is:
Whatever the plan/whoever my coach is, always be in touch with my own needs and limitations


Wow, pretty surprising to find someone just happy to learn something. Really respect that. Also, not smarter, probably just older. And you got me beat on the wiser part given your response.

What is understood, doesn’t need to be discussed. :wink:

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A Backwards-Hat-Chad rebuttal video would break the internet.


If anyone is interested in diving more into the pyramidal distribution that DJ talks about without all the nonsense that comes with this thread, I invite you to this discussion:


You realize we only see Nate’s interactions with a limited number of his employees through a podcast. Like it or not the podcast is performance art. Plus ever stop to think that Nate is only jabbing people that he may have a friendship with as well. I don’t know Nate but based on other things he has said I seriously doubt he’s calling up his other employees and randomly trash talking them.

I’m also a boss of people and I joke with my staff all the time and will poke fun at myself. I don’t think they are nervously laughing just as I was not when previous bosses did the same to me.

Rule #1: Attack the idea, not the person!


This, so this!

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That guy had a way more biased analysis in his video, and it was very apparent he was trying way harder to push his own agenda. Shame the Hambini clip roasting him to bits is gone, and it’s a damn shame I have to see his avatar every time I use intervals.icu

Hey look @team_bunty, you’re famous :rofl: “99% of cyclists don’t even own a bike” when you’ve got no real leg to stand on

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@dhaines83 see above

Sure do a reply to set things straight - but after that the guys really should invite Dylan onto the podcast to go over the science that everyone keeps banging on about that we all care about so much.

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You should probably stop, If you are not 100%sure if your employees having fun just much as you do.

It’s a classic case of If I or my friend do it it’s all fine. But if somebody else does it, all hell break lose.

Who IS this Dylan guy. Is there anything to him other than a 20yr old who puts stuff on youtube? Genuinely curious…if not, no need for trainerroad to address it at all IMO. And if they did, it would be in response to questions their users have coming from all of this…

edit: It looks like he is a coach of some sort? If so…directly calling out and trashing competitors without provocation is pretty unprofessional. One of the issues with taking a 20 yr old seriously lol. Regardless of whether his points are valid or not…he’s squandered any legitimacy in them through childish attacks.

Considering I have people wanting to be on my team by how much fun we have, while still getting the job done and always receiving excellent reviews, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing, and it’s all professional.


Wow you need to relax…the only information you have to be basing this off of is the podcast, and it is pretty blatantly obvious that Nate is engaging in good natured friendly trash talking. More importantly…it’s equally obvious his employees feel perfectly comfortable giving it right back to him. In a public setting, on the record no less.

It’s a non issue - I would stop trying to manufacture it into one.


:+1: hopefully you will have better ending than Ellen Degeneres.

Obviously this doesn’t have anything to do with his coaching acumen, but he’s a multiple-time NUE champion and probably one of the top 10 ultra endurance “gravel” riders in the country. I think he won his first NUE series at like 21. Recent palmares include winning the 2020 Shenandoah 100, and beating Ted King and Jeremiah Bishop in the 2020 Sugar Cane 200. Kind of a wunderkind of the American off-road long-distance scene.


He’s one of the fastest ultra endurance off-road cyclists in the US. He was a CTS coach for a few years, started his YT channel, founded his own business a year ago. He’s won a lot of the big ultra 100 MTB races in the US and I think he now focuses on gravel.


That was an impressive win, I thought it was interesting that he surmised that the race could boil down to a sprint, so he trained his sprint. Paid off.


Looking at all of what’s been said, I actually think this is a great opportunity for TR.

There’s a lot of customer feedback (both positive and negative, but much of it quite useful) in this thread. On one hand, some of the MV/HV programs probably do need looking at, the ongoing reluctance/inability to put together a master’s program is a bit of a miss, IMO, and I get a sense that some program diversification might be a good commercial move.

On the other, it’s clear that the significant majority of their users are apparently happy with the product, there is considerable brand loyalty, and they’ve had a lot of free publicity.

This could actually work out rather well for TR, if it’s handled in the right way.