Dura Ace R9100 and Ultegra 8000 compatibility

I’ve currently got a Dura Ace R9100 11-30 cassette fitted (Dura Ace R9100 groupset, short cage, 52-36 rings). Will I be OK downgrading the cassette and fitting an Ultegra 8000 11-30? Any issues with compatibility between Dura Ace R9100 and Ultegra 8000? My gut feeling is that it won’t be a problem but no harm asking first.

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Excellent - cheers for that.

I forget which DA I’ve got but its 11sp and I’ve always used the groupset with an 11sp Ultegra cassette. It’s the speed that matters. On the turbo where I am not bothered about weight, it’s a 105 11sp cassette I use with the DA groupset

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Nice one - cheers.