DA Di2 and 32 cassette

Can I put SRAM Red 11-32 cassette on DA Di2? Bike is Venge with 32/56 (edit: it is 36/52) on the front!

And if I can which chain do you suggest?

I think you will find that the cassette is too big for the mech. Can’t remember the capacity of current Dura Ace mechs but it used to be 28t, hence why there were a lot of Ultegra mechs on mountain stages

Shimano says the capacity is 35 and biggest cassette would be 11-30t

I believe new DA Di2 can go 32t (unofficially) but probably best to avoid

I use an Ultegra rear mech with my 11-32

SRAM and Shimano 11-speed drive train components are fully compatible, so the issue is whether your rear derailleur can accommodates 11-32 cassettes. AFAIK the official answer is no, but it might work.

Yeah. I’m saying an Ultegra rear mech will accommodate an 11-32.

I have no idea about DA.

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I’ve run 11-40t on my Ultegra 8150 RD, which says it has max capacity of 34t. With that in mind, I would think that 11-32t would be fine. And I know a good number of people over on WeightWeenies have done it.

Edit: Just reread the question. 32/56? Is that correct? I’d be worried about taking up that chain slack and doubt the Dura-Ace could do it. 11-32t is 21t plus 24t from the front making 45t. That’s a lot of chain to take up. What FD are you using?

32/56 on front is already using a large amount of the capacity. 22 there and 21 in the rear means you need 43 in capacity.

Which 11 speed chain you use doesn’t really matter

True, my old bike had Ultegra 6800 and I ran it with a SRAM 11-32 cassette on my wheel and an 11-32 Ultegra cassette on my trainer. However, for some reason Shimano tends to give DuraAce RDs less range. Total stupid if you ask me. Old school thinking.

I think this is a typo, I’m sure the OP is using a semi compact.

32/56 would be an unusual combination. I am assuming the OP meant 36/52 semi compact, which is far more common. But if they are running 32/56, then I agree that the chain wrap capacity will be the issue, rather than the 32t rear cassette in itself.

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Hi all… yes it is typo! It is 36/52 :slight_smile:

I’ll try it and let you know how it went.

Which chain do you suggest for that combo?

I run an ultegra r8000 short cage derailleur, which is the same ‘cassette limit’ as the dura-ace 9100, using a 52/36 with 11-32 pretty often. The most important thing is to setup syncro-shift to not let it use the 52/32 or down towards the 36/14 and lower or wherever works for you, which honestly you shouldn’t anyway regardless of this hack or not. Cut a chain based on the 52/32 ratio, and then dial in the derailleur so it’s not mashing the cassette when you’re in the 36/32.

If you don’t have syncro shift, you can probably still get away with it, but if you’re ever in the 36 and shifting up near the tall end you run the risk of not being able to take up the slack and dropping the chain.

Shimano cover your ears…

I’m using basically this setup with full DA di2. Live in the mountains, not super skinny so its almost been a necessity. In fact right now I’m running a 52/34-11/32. I have a k-edge chain watcher on as well to catch any of those jumps. For training it has been just fine. But for racing I will be going back to to a standard (Shimano approved) front chainring ratio for sure. That 8t jump is a bit much for the system at times. But the setup works, works reliably and gives me the ratios I need when climbing. YMMV.


As others have already laid out, the “official” limit is 30 teeth. However, with an appropriately sized chain, I have run an 11-32 with a 52-36 up front with no issues on the latest generation of DA Di2. You will have to wind in the b-screw a little bit, but that was about it for me. Shimano is conservative with their recommendations.

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I run 11-32 and 36/52 on SRAM Red Etap 11s even SRAM says that 28 is the upper limit