Shimano Ultegra 8050 Di2 - change of cassette and chainring


I currently have Ultegra 8050 di2 with compact chainring (50-34), 11-speed dura ace chain and 11-speed Ultegra cassette 11-32.

Can I safely move to semi-compact Dura-ace 9100 (52-36), 11-speed dura ace chain (get a new one), and 11-speed Dura-ace cassette 11-30, or would it give me any problem on the front/rear derailleur? Of course I’d reindex all the gears via theDi2 Bluetooth module.

I also have CeramicSpeed OSPW, but I’d assume this wouldn’t be impacted by the change and would keep on working fine, Provided the chain is cut correctly.


That would work perfectly once setup correctly.


Thanks Dave. What are the things to bear in mind when doing such change? Is it just about re-indexing the gears properly and cutting the new chain correctly (to ensure the CeramicSpeed OSPW works well), or are there any other factors/variables to keep in mind tjat could screw things up?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

The front and rear derailleur’s would need setting up. So the front derailleur would need to be raised due to the larger chainring.
The ‘b’ tension screw on the rear derailleur would probably need adjusting as your moving to a small rear cassette size.
Things like limit screws might need adjusting on the front, but once it’s all installed you’ll soon know if that’s a problem or not.

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just curious why the change in cassette? I run 52/34 in the front with 11-32 in back… Its nice to have the extra gears hauling my not as slender as I used to be body up hills :slight_smile:


I just like tougher gears :wink: I personally feel like 50-34 and 11-32 isn’t challenging enough and sometimes I wish I could push more power through the pedals but don’t have any gears left (eg. When I’m on big chainring and smallest cog). I almost never use the last 2/3 top cogs when I’m on the big or small chainring.

Definitely can do without the 32 as it’s completely useless to me, even on steep hills I never use it, (tend to do small chainring and second or third cog from the top if it’s very hard), and I like a bigger chainset that can help me push more power uphills and on flats.

I started cycling in March 21 with my first road bike, but have roughly 7 years of strength/power training, so my system is more “geared” towards harder gears in general (ftp 350).

its great that you were able to figure that out so soon… people often take a long time to find their way with gearing and such :grinning: