Cassette series for direct drive trainer

I have Ultegra R8000 groupset on my road bike. When shopping for cassette for direct drive trainer, could I got with 105 R7000 cassette to save some money? Are there any differences, other than weight?

Absolutely, any Shimano or SRAM 11 Spd cassette will work.

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No problem at all with 105.

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They will be functionally identical. The only reason I have an Ultegra cassette on mine is that I wanted to replace it for another with more suitable gearing anyway. I would also consider using a narrower cassette, such as an 11-25. That allows you to more easily adjust your cadence if need be.

Just my anecdotal experience over the years - 105 cassettes don’t last as long as Ultegra cassettes. Dura-Ace, although lighter and more expensive, also wears quicker than Ultegra. The Ultegra cassettes seem to get good heat treatment, are built for durability, and are a reasonable price. So Ultegra is my sweetspot cassette. Whatever my bikes, when I need to change the cassette, I get an Ultegra one.