Best solution to keep a carbon-wrapped seatpost from sticking in an aluminum frame?

I suspect this has to do with all my hours on the trainer, but my carbon-wrapped alloy seatpost seems to very quickly start to stick in my aluminum frame even when I use grease, fiber grip, or anti-sieze.

Are there any solutions to prevent it from sticking while also not slipping when properly torqued?

Maybe I should use anti-seize on the shaft but also put a coat of marine grease on the top of the tube to prevent the ingress of sweat.

I use FSA Carbon Compound on my seat posts, and it works great. It is safe for aluminum as well. It comes in an 80 gram size, which will last ages. I try to get my seat posts out every 3 months to treat them and minimize any sticking.

Grease along the top would probably work but wrapping the top with tape would probably seal it better

Muc Off Carbon Gripper. You have to use a carbon paste. You don’t want to over torque and crack it. And regular grease will slip. And nothing will make is seize up.

I cleaned and buffed the seatpost, ungunked the inside of the seat tube, and reinstalled the seatpost with carbon grease again. It hasn’t been this smooth in a while. Hopefully this time it will go better than before.