Dual power graph

How do I compare a power file from two different power meters for the same ride? I’m assuming that I need a device that can read both ANT+ and Bluetooth and some software to graph them simultaneously. But how exactly do I do this?

I’ve seen power meter reviews showing two separate graphs comparing the PM being reviewed to some reference PM. I’d like to do this. I have a Neo2T and a couple pairs of Garmin power pedals. Any help is greatly appreciated!


If you subscribe to Zwift you can also use the comparison tool from ZwiftPower.

Yup, and I already have the instructions linked in my FAQ above.

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I am not a zwift user and didn’t want to pay for DC’s tool so I have imported files to excel before and plotted them.


I don’t think you have to pay for zwift to use the analyser.

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Correct, ZwiftPower is a free option.

On the Excel thought, I also searched for Golden Cheetah in Google:

I can add that to my FAQ if someone thinks is useful, but don’t have the time to review it myself right now. I am guessing similar work can be done with Google sheets or other free apps. I know Golden Cheetah is free and may work for this as well.

Golden Cheetah has a compare panel function that you can use on most charts, both graphically and in tabular format. I use it mostly to review my PDC and signature rides. You can compare multiple segments and/or rides (limited by your PC’s horsepower/memory), various matrices, zoom in and out on the fly, etc… GC Compare Mode on Vimeo & UG_Compare Pane_General · GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah Wiki · GitHub.

You can also build your own using R or Python. Plus there’s a lot more you can do with it.

I would not mix Bluetooth and Ant+ unless they are reporting the same dataset. Don’t know if that actually the case today but it wasn’t necessary true a few years ago where each manufacturer had their own protocol. With Ant+, you are recording the same dataset.

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I found it pretty easy to do in Golden Cheetah once I figured out that you have to click the “OFF” button to turn the compare mode on… :upside_down_face: