View power numbers from two power sources

Is it possible to view power measurements from two power sources when power match has been used?

We don’t have that capability in TrainerRoad, however, if you are trying to assess the difference in power between two sources, DC Rainmaker has a tool build for precisely that :slight_smile:

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Thanks four your quick response. I took a Ramp test today and would like to validate the numbers but I guess I’ll just have to do that during the next rides then :laughing:

It doesn’t have to be a ramp test, you can compare the numbers during a series of workouts.

Since you only have 2 sources of power, how will you determine which is right and which is wrong, if they differ?

You are right. I guess I would have to compare today’s values to prior values.
The “problem” I’m having is that I forgot to zero offset my powermeter, got some great results on the test and I am not sure whether the results are accurate or not.