Dropper Post also works with Shimano Ultegra Lever?

Hi Guys,

i bought the KS Lev dropper post and watched the video with Jonathan showing the installation with a SRAM force lever. I was wondering if anyone has tried this kind of installation with a Shimano Ultegra Lever? Is it a similar kind of installation?

thx for your help

Ultegra levers can do it, my bike does that:
(Sorry, yes, I am showing off my new bike)
I didn’t do the work, however.


PNW also makes a CX lever if you’re looking or an alternate control.


This is the route I’m going on my G/CX rig as I didn’t want to give up 2X in the front.

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@Peer, did you find a solution for the ultegra lever. I have the same plan, but cannot get the lever to work properly with the dropper.

Hi Pepijn,

no havn´t tried it yet. i´m the guy who has at least 2 screws und 3 springs on the table after setting some technical stuff back together so i have to build up some confidence :smiley: but i found this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4Nn05NMfec showing how to set up the lever shifter
and i think it must be the same procedure with the cable of the dropper post. maybe i give it a try the next weeks :slight_smile: