Dropper Post for Road Options

Ok, Nate keeps planting the seed and I may be putting together a winter bike project. I have an ibis hakka with Force Etap. With the help of two wheelsets I use this for everything: touring, road, gravel, cross. It has a 31.6 seat post and just begging to get a dropper on it. What’s some ways to bring this crazy fantasy to reality? I do run a 2x crankset (Gearing is 46/33 up front and 10=36 in the back). I want to research the following options but wondering if anybody actually has some experience in this:

  1. Anyway I can use that stupid expensive AXS Reverb dropper. Since I run 2x I don’t think this will work but maybe I can use a blimp? Not sure if id want to go this route because 800 for a dropper is ridiculous but it would be nice to know if its an option.
  2. Looks like wolf makes a bar end dropper lever. (ReMote Drop Bar – Wolf Tooth Components). Has anybody actually used this. Think I would lean this way if I went about it, just seems like a clean setup.
  3. PNW makes a little knobby dropper that goes around the bars. (Drop Bar Lever Kit – PNW Components).
  4. Any other options out there I haven’t found? I have Farrs Gravel Aero extensions so the cockpick is pretty much spoken for.

Also if I were to do this what dropper do you think is the best. Im not a weight weenie but would lean towards a 100mm lighter dropper.

Dropper Levers: