Best Low Profile Dropper Remote

Hey all, I’m looking for the lowest profile dropper remote. What I mean by that is one that protrudes below the bars least.

This is for a non-Reverb post, so non-hydraulic and non-wireless.

I know of the KS remote that wraps around your bars, but the action on that remote leaves plenty to be desired (requires too much force, causes excess cable stretch, awkward thumb position).

I currently have a Wolftooth on a matchmaker clamp, but it hangs down too far from the bars and the edges are sharp enough that if your bars spin in a crash, say goodbye to your top tube. :frowning:

Does anybody here have a hot tip on a dropper post lever that could avoid these problems?

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I haven’t tried a lot of dropper post levers - but this one works well for me. It’s the stock Bontrager dropper lever on my Fuel. Cable actuated.

Have you tried this Wolftooth version?

Wolf Tooth Components Remote BarCentric Dropper Lever

I think you have the lever type by your description. The one I linked is very smooth and I like it.

The best lever type dropper remote I have tried is the PNW Loam lever. I I didn’t like it on a matchmaker so I switched to the clamp version…