Download TCX instead of FIT - used to be TCX

Download used to download .gpx files, it looks like it now downloads .fit files. Is there a way to still download .gpx files?

Hey there! We had run into a few issues with downloading TCX files, so while working on that we decided to switch over to .FIT files since they seem to be the standard these days.

What did you need the TCX files for? I know there’s some online file converters, but that’s not a great permanent solution for you.

Lastly, I think you might have confused GPX with TCX in your post, but it’s not a problem since we’ve never exported GPX files (TR rides don’t have any GPS data). :wink:

You are right, I meant TCX. I use it to import into Movescount (Suunto). There is no direct integration to movescount. I have a Sunnto watch to i like to have all my data in there. I have the dropbox integration turned on though and realized that the TCX was written to drop box though still.

Trainerroad still uploads the tcx files to strava. Simply add /export_original to the workout address in strava.
I also contacted the support about this. They tell storys that stripped down .fit files where the standard and stuff.
I guess they simply decided, we do not need our personal data to feed them in other analysis tools, as we have all on TR now. Patronizing.
It deeply frustrates me, because a paid service denies me access to my data - that is clearly and obviously there. Heck, you can even still download them from TR directly.

Hi JP,

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. I spent some time diving into the issue, and noticed some things about our FIT file exports that we plan to fix:

  • The names of TrainerRoad workouts aren’t included. Therefore you just receive the default name assigned by the platform uploaded to.
  • On uploads to Strava, we aren’t passing along the activity type (Indoor Cycling), so some of the data seems to be disrupted.

I have a developer assigned to look at these issues tomorrow.

I also noticed an additional issue when uploading to Golden Cheetah. It appears that when handling a FIT file, the interval splits aren’t included, and only one interval is shown. The intervals show correctly on both Strava and Garmin Connect, so I’ve submitted an issue to Golden Cheetah to see if they have any ideas. Here is the issue for reference. .Fit file upload from TrainerRoad doesn't include lap information · Issue #2982 · GoldenCheetah/GoldenCheetah · GitHub

Our developer working on the other issues listed is also going to take a look at this as well.

We certainly had no bad intentions when removing the ability to download TCX files from the app. FIT files are capable of holding more information in a smaller size file, and are quickly becoming the industry standard because of this. We plan to fix any issues with our FIT file exports, and will start that process tomorrow. Please let me know any additional issues you’ve run into with TrainerRoad FIT files, and I will ensure they are investigated.

-Brandon Nied
Web Product Manager


I am not arguing that a FIT file is not better. My argument is the main system I use has used .tcx files for imports. I’ve been a member for years and have been exporting these regularly. Would you be able to support both?

Hi @leerodgers ,
for the time being, manually generate a workout download link like this:
Log In to TrainerRoad

Hi @bnied,
sorry for my rant. This fit/tcx thing is so basic and going on for so long… I got frustrated.
Please do not shut off the workaround I posted. Any ETA on the fit file fix?


Dropbox sync is still using tcx, for example “bbarrera-2018-12-15-donner-45743625.tcx” was automatically synced to my dropbox folder on Saturday the 15th. In addition that file works fine with Golden Cheetah (can see all intervals).

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Not a problem JP. I can definitely see where your frustration is coming from. We have no plans to remove the workaround you posted, and I will make sure we have documentation added to our Help Center regarding tcx files still being exported to Dropbox as another workaround.

One of our principal engineers took a look last night and left some thoughts on the issue, and we have another engineer looking at things as we speak. We should at least have a better idea where things stand by EOD. I’ll post any updates here.

Hey guys, I wanted to follow up on Brandon’s comment and share the Help Center documentation for getting your TCX files through Dropbox:


Hey @JPOP007,

I wanted to update you on our progress with the outstanding issues when exporting FIT files. In regards to the name and type uploaded to Garmin and Strava, we do include these in the FIT files sent, but they aren’t interpreted using the file itself once it gets there. The name and type are interpreted as part of the HTTP request when a file is pushed to one of these, which is why I was only seeing default names when uploading a raw file.

The engineer working on the issue when uploading FIT files to Golden Cheetah is still working on some investigation, but has started tweaking how we output lap information to see if we can get that showing properly. He will continue working on this tomorrow, and I should have another update then.



Hi Brandon,

As mentioned above I use Dropbox sync to get TR workouts and feed to Golden Cheetah. It would be awesome if you could use the current .tcx/dropbox file naming convention with .fit files.

Seeing this thread, I’ll also pass along that I’m hoping that going with .fit will improve things like proper identification of power meter when uploading to Golden Cheetah or anywhere else (I also have TR setup to sync to Strava and TrainingPeaks). Thanks for the consideration.


I’m going little OT here…
how do you import into moves count?? I can only create a new Move and fill manually all the details, I cannot see options to import TCX or FIT or something…
Tried also FitnessSyncer but it import only distance and speed :pleading_face:


I would like to download a recent workout, but cannot find the download button, link or anything. Should it be available in IPad browser?

You cannot import to MOvescount from the website directly, there is a tool you can use. A java based application by some guy that allows imports of TCX files.

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No problem. Its a little annoying but it works.

Wanted to give a quick update on FIT file uploads to Golden Cheetah. We have a PR (code change) in to fix these so they properly include lap information. This is in testing now, so should be released soon. I’ll update here once that makes it out.

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Hey Brandon, thanks for the update. Any news on file naming conventions?