Download TCX instead of FIT - used to be TCX

Hey Brian,

Is there a reason you prefer to have the additional information in the title of the file? We made the title for FIT files more concise intentionally, so I’m curious what other parts of the title you are finding most useful.

I’d like to get more information on how many/how often users are manually downloading FIT files and how they are using them before making any additional changes to the naming convention.


Thanks for asking. Several reasons:

  • all my workout files are archived for possible future use
  • having timestamp in filename makes it easy to audit and combine all workouts into a single folder

Downloaded from my Garmin Edge 520:

Makes me happy.

Downloaded from Garmin Connect:

Makes me sad.

TrainerRoad Dropbox sync:

Makes me happy.

Summary / My Opinion:
Garmin Edge naming convention is awesome, short filename and it auto-sorts by date.

No issue with the file name. I manually download the workout to load it into Ride With GPS. Wish it was linked like Strava so hopefully one day it will be. (hint, hint) :nerd_face::grin:

Thank You. Just completed and downloaded a fit file into Golden Cheetah and the intervals are there. This saves me time manually placing them. Awesome work!