Don't want to wish the summer away but

Absolutely. And this brings me to the funny part of last nights heat session. I do a mesh base layer with the old panty hose full of ice on my back trick, which is awesome btw, but somehow managed to drop the stockings dead into the cassette on my trainer while pedaling and totally jammed up the works. FML :expressionless:

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They work great.


I thought about pockets in a custom top too. Even asked around to find a sewing machine…

One issue is something mentioned in other “cooling vest” discussion I have seen. Adding something like a pack will kill evaporation and breathability in the area. So finding a good blend of cooling surface and open for some E&B may be a balancing act.

Last night’s words of wisdom from age grouper that started going to Kona IM Championships 20 years ago… She did sweet spot intervals (around 230W) and I did zone1/zone2 :cold_sweat:

on the other hand it was 86F on Monday and I did easy zone2 and had lowest average HR in a long long long time

this year I am trying something new… Do my runs in the am, while the garage is open and cooling off. Then turn the AC unit on in the coordined off area (I tied a string across the opening to the garage bay – and hung a cheap plastic drop sheet to the floor to close off the area). Hopefully this will help the AC keep the smaller area cool enough I can ride after work.

I do this when racing. Remembering the water pouring down my legs during the run of the last Tri has me thinking “Maybe Not indoors”. Not even the Lasco fan can keep that much water from pooling.

I do it all the time. Its a pretty minimal puddle, no more that the accompanied sweat puddle

This. I think there is some overthinking going on.

@hubcyclist while you don’t live in 90F summer temps like here, my best ever ramp test came after:

  • taking off 5 weeks during July and early August
  • restarted training doing a single block of SSB1
  • training afternoons in an ~80F garage
  • a few weekend rides in 100F heat
  • average 6.3 hours/week over the 6-week SSB1 block


Result: best ramp test ever.

I’m a polar bear. I hate the heat. Sweat just eating a bowl of soup. YMMV.

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Last year I got a 27in drum fan off amazon. It gives a fully body breeze and was worth the expense. It is rare that I notice any sweat drops on the bike or mat after a workout. I think low is 3200cfm and high is 4200cfm. The blades spin slower than my old box fan so it is actually more quiet and my townhouse neighbor cannot hear it.

Another benefit is almost no difference between indoor and outdoor FTP due to insufficient cooling.