Hooray for fall/indoor temp

Dumb topic, but I just need to proclaim my joy at having my basement below 65 degrees this morning for the first time in forever. I did truuli -2 in advance of my CX race tomorrow, but the 100% efforts didn’t send my HR up like they did last week in warmer conditions. So hopefully this will be a return to the really quality training I was doing until late May!


Agree, although training in the heat really helped for Worlds Grand Fondo (33 ish degrees which sucked.) But would have died without some hot indoor training. Was so happy to do a FTP assessment today in mild temperatures. Give it a month and I’ll be training with overshoes and praying for a bit of heat.

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I completely agree! While the summers where I am are not particularly hot compared to the rest of the world, summer indoor riding was a bit unbearable… even with the a/c on. I’m glad that autumn is on its way.
65 F… I had to look that up… 18 C. Yes, that is a good indoor riding temp. :slight_smile: