Struggling SSBLV 2nd time around lower FTP

In the winter I started sweet spot base low volume, I got about half way through second phase when life got in the way and I got sick so I was off the bike for several weeks. So I started the training plain again from scratch FTP was down obviously. Anyway I am getting to the end of the first phase and I’ve been struggling to complete my workouts, my legs get tired faster than before and I find myself cutting it short ~45mins most of the time. For reference, when I did the program in the winter, the workouts were hard but I always completed it.

Danny, you have not provided very much information to go on, what has changed since the winter. it got warmer, so are you cooling - this for me can have a big effect on RPE.
Also most people’s life may have become more stressful, life stress is real and can effect your training.
What trainer are you using, is your set up exactly the same ???


Same smart trainer (tacx vortex), different wheel (got a cheaper wheel so I can swap faster), I have been hotter during my workouts. Stress has always been high due to work, a bit more now since I have teacher duties due to schools being closed (teaching my kids). I’m doing more yardwork so Ive been skipping some weekend rides.

FWIW, I found this very informative regarding the Vortex:

It’s best to warm it up for 10 minutes and then calibrate it before doing any serious testing or work.

Thanks Ill see if that makes a difference. I haven’t done the calibration with the TACX app in a while.