Don't know how to plan the last 3 weeks

I have a date for my initial army test. It’s on Tuesday 21/02.

I’m wondering how to plan the last 3 weeks in order to get the best results in running ( Beep test ).

I plan on cutting off volume and just do 2 intensity sessions a week, one of them recreating the conditions of the test.
Maybe add 1 short endurance session too ?

For the secon hiit I’m not sure what type of workout would be better.
Pyramidal for the sililarity it had to the test, short sprints, …

Also I was thinking about tapering, wondering if it would be relevant
( I’ve been training with no break from october to the christmas week, then go bakc into it but didn’t run for a week now since I got slightly injured [ I ok now ] ).

Maybe the last week of training, having an intensity session on tuesday and replacing the second intensity workout with a short and chill endurance run so that I’m fresher for the test on next tuesday.
Or maybe replacing it with a chill rucking session ?

That’s what I would do for cycling but not sure if it also translate to running.