Anyone else getting addicted to this forum?

In terms of community and functionality this is hands down the best forum about cycling/training. Hats off to @Nate_Pearson and team for not only creating it but really doing a great job…

I have only one complaint and that is its so good I found myself constantly checking in through the day for updates, new threads etc like I’m some idiot who can’t control himself…I can only hope it fades when the weather improves and i can train more and surf less!

Am I the only one?



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yeah, I’m hooked, I’ve stopped going on other cycling forums (well, I had stopped before this forum started because chatter on some other forums isn’t really intelligent). The discussion here has been top notch, even when people disagree it’s super civil





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I wouldn’t say I’m addicted but I start to twitch a bit when I haven’t checked the forum in a few hours. Wait…

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I appear to be worryingly close to the top of that list…

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must. stop. switching. browser tabs. at work.


Mike, you are still below one TR employee… You’re OK until then :rofl:

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Soooo much…

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Well, isn’t that special? :rofl:

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What I’ve learned from this list is that 1) yeah I’m on here too much and 2) @doug2020 needs to open up a bit


No, I realised I had a problem when I was awarded the “Afficionado” badge.


Yeah, it is addictive. But it also makes me wonder: if we spend so much time reading and posting, when are we doing training? and why aren’t we on a higher volume plan?

Nope. I spend time on here via breaks at work, after my evening workout & dinner, and morning as I have my coffee… and also during some workouts (SS and below).

All this is with a 5-day commitment to Mid Volume plans. I can’t handle 6 days on the bike, or the stress that comes along with the High Volume plans.

Plenty of my time on the forum is effectively during my “rest” periods, that is not something I can fill with bike work and still have the rest of the time for what I need to do.

Who says some of us don’t post during rest intervals in HV plans? Lol

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Yup. I keep it open just about all day at work waiting for the little magic number to pop up.

I don’t post a lot but I scoure these threads over and over again.


I shouldn’t have looked at the all-time :hushed:

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Is Coach Chad gone?

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You are alone.