More sticky posts

To the forum moderators (leaders?):

It seems the forum is growing fast and there are some repeat questions/topics popping up here and there.

Also, I just noticed a couple of posts about workouts being replaced in the training plans. These are good candidates for sticky topics, no?

Stickies get a bit tricky, as you will have a long list just to cover the wide range of topics, even with the Category splits.

Several of us are redirecting new posts to the relevant existing threads when we see repeat topics. I have also linked and closed repeat topics on occasion, case by case. I know others have done the same.

It’s all on the fly right now, and I am open to suggestions.

You could potentially sticky an FAQ post with links to repeat/common questions. That way it’s just the one thread at the top at least.

If you guys are happy to keep redirecting @mcneese.chad I think that’s a better way to go if possible. Certainly better than seeing half of the first page of looking at a forum taken up with sticky threads.


Yeah, might do that as an option. One FAQ post per category sounds promising.

I’d like some feedback from the TR crew as well.

Happy to organize as I am OCD and want to make the info easily accessible.

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From an organizational perspective, I would love an easier way to hide. Right now you have to go into the post and mark it, but it’d be great if it was more like email. Where you can manage everything from your inbox.

Agree. Sticky posts on specific topics are challenging, as there would be too many potential posts to make sticky.

The one sticky post I do think is worthwhile is something along the lines of “how to use this forum”.

This post would not repeat the guidelines Nate posted on etiquette, more on the logistics of how to search on a topic, when to create a new post vs add to an existing post, keeping posts on topic, etc.

Like this :stuck_out_tongue:

How to Search in the TrainerRoad Forum

Wow. That was a quick turnaround :grin::+1:t3:

Yes. Maybe this deserves to be sticky, along with a notice “please search before posting a new topic”. (I realize the irony here)

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Excellent work, by the way. I can only imagine the effort of keeping up with the forum, and this is still a relatively small one. Thanks for that!

But, as other suggested, maybe a couple of stickies just to deal with FAQs and how to search.



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The vast majority of people will not read a post like this. The search function is right there at the top and should be obvious, with a lot of repeat questions pretty easy to find.

IMHO the FAQ or ‘Thread of Threads’ post would be more likely to be used and also saves a lot of reading which would otherwise put people off.

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When creating new posts aren’t existing posts already dynamically searches to try assist the poster that it may be a duplicate topic? I’m sure it was when I last created one, maybe it doesn’t work if you’re on a mobile browser.
I love the idea of tagging a post with ideas of its topic - all power to the metadata but I wonder if it’s time for sub forums based around topics?